Tips For Promoting Your Business At Baseball Games

If you own a business and you want to target an audience who would attend a baseball game, the field is wide open. From professional baseball to T-ball, you can use some of the same methods to promote your service or product. You might even work your way up the scale as your business grows, just like the players themselves!

Sponsor a Team

The most obvious way to promote your business at baseball games is by sponsoring a team. When you sponsor teams that aren’t professional, you’ll get your business name on their shirts, but it doesn’t have to end there. You might also offer the team some free items to use at the game as well. Have your business name printed on the items listed below and offer them to the players. Some of these items work well for professional players as well as nonprofessional.

  • Water bottles
  • Sports drink bottles
  • Baseball hats
  • Lanyards

Host an Event

Why not host a baseball event in order to spread the word about your business and how it supports the community? You can make it a basic baseball event or change things up a little in the game itself.

  • Offer prizes that have your business name on them.
  • Use a gift certificate for your product or services as one or more of the prizes.
  • Change up the game by having the players use a beach ball instead of a baseball, have the players run the bases backwards, or have parents run the bases when their kids hit the ball.

Offer Free Items to the Audience at Games

One way to make sure the audience gets to know your name is to offer free items with your business name on them during or before the game. If the audience pays to see the game, offer free items to the first audience members through the door. Hand items out until you run out. You can also give the audience members tickets and hand out items when you call out certain ticket numbers. Don’t forget to give free gifts at the food and beverage stations! Include some of the items below.

  • Plastic cups
  • T-shirts
  • Bottled water
  • Lanyards
  • Foam fingers

The community will appreciate your efforts when you do things for the local teams. The more you do for the community, the more likely the community members will give you their business. You don’t have to stop at baseball either. Consider doing things with other sports over the cold season as well, like basketball, bowling, and other indoor sports.


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