Fun Ideas And Activities For Your Bachelor Party

When people think about a bachelor party, the first thing that comes to mind is often strippers and alcohol. But if you are looking for an out-of-the-box kind of experience, you may want to consider some games or activities that all of the guys can play together to spice up the night. Here are just a few ideas to get your brainstorming going.

Avoid the Word

Come up with a word that you think might be frequently repeated during the night, like the name of the bride or even the name of the guy that is getting married. If someone says the word, they have to take another shot or chug a beer. Just be sure to drink responsibly, you don’t want anyone becoming a mess before the night is halfway done.

Introduce Every Girl to the Groom

If you are going somewhere like a bar or a nightclub, make a game out of telling every girl in the place that the groom is looking to have a little fun before he gets married and see if you can get any of them to come over to your table. Don’t tell the groom that you are going to do this. (Have another friend distract him while one goes to invite the girls over.) With any luck, you might soon have multiple ladies at your table and a flustered groom who doesn’t understand why everyone is paying so much attention to him.

Collect Articles of Clothing

If you are traveling together in a limo or some other form of transportation, park the car somewhere on a busy street and set the guys loose. The game is to get a female to give up an article of clothing. This could be something like one of their heels or it could be something sexier, like a bra. Obviously, you’ll want to be very careful here to avoid harassing anyone. If someone doesn’t look interested in helping, move on. The guy who returns with the lowest amount of female clothes has to buy the first round at the bar that evening.

Rent Motorcycles

Nothing makes you feel more like a man than hitting the open road on a motorcycle with your buddies in tow. Talk to a local motorcycle dealer about the bachelor party and see if arrangements can be made. Ride the bikes into town together, like on bikes from Kurtz Motorsports, Inc., and you’ll turn heads on your way to the next bar or strip club.

Bachelor parties are infamous for strip clubs and getting way too drunk with your friends, but it’s possible to have some extra fun by implementing a fun game into the night’s activities. Try to get various females in on the fun, whether it’s just repeatedly introducing them to the groom or trying to get them to help you win a sexy game.