Do You Suffer With Heel Pain? Buy Athletic Tape And Stop It

If you suffer with heel pain first thing in the morning, or after standing or sitting for a while, you could have a condition called plantar fasciitis. The planta fascia is a band of connective tissue running across the bottom of your foot to connect your heels to your toes. Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of this tissue. It is most common in runners, dancers, people who are overweight, or people who go barefoot or wear shoes with little support. One way to stop the pain is to buy athletic tape and put it on your feet. A properly wrapped foot will alleviate your problem in a couple of different ways.

Added Support

The plantar fascia absorbs some of the shock to your feet when walking running or dancing. When you repeatedly put stress or weight on your feet, small tears will form in the tissue. To compensate for the tears, your body sends fluid to the area to absorb the shock. This causes inflammation of the area. Wrapping the heel and foot with tape adds support to the area. It also holds your foot in place, keeping the fascia from stretching and tearing under the pressure.

Increased Flow of Blood and Lymph

When tissue in your body has been injured, increasing the flow of blood to it increases the amount of oxygen it can use to repair itself. It will also provide more support to the tissue. Athletic tape, when properly applied, lifts your skin slightly. This allows for more blood flow to the area. In addition, the lifting of the skin allows for better lymph flow. The lymphatic system works to remove the excess interstitial fluid that is causing the inflammation.

Proper Wrapping

To properly wrap your foot to alleviate the symptoms of plantar fasciitis, wrap the tape around your foot just under your toes. Then, starting at your big toe, wrap down and around the heel, pulling the tape taut and connecting it to the same place on the big toe. Now, wrap around the heel again, but this time starting and ending at your small toe. Repeat both heel wraps a few times, creating an “X” across the bottom of your foot due to the swapping directions. Finally, wrap around the middle of your foot where the “X” is, covering it completely.

Athletic tape is not meant to be left on all day. Wrap your foot before exercising and then take it off for a while. If you will be stationary, sitting or standing for an extended time, wrap your foot again. If you suffer from pain in the morning, wrap your foot upon waking. Your skin does need to breathe though, so take off the tape when it is not necessary. You will notice a reduction in pain with your first wrap. 

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