How New Skiers Should Choose The Right Boots To Rent

Skiing can be fun provided you are wearing the right gear for the slopes. Having boots that are too large or too small can make it difficult to ski – which can already be hard enough if you’re going out skiing for the first time – so you want to make sure your boots fit properly. Here is how you can test your boots to make sure they are the right size before you rent them.

Try on Boot Shell

You will want to make sure the boots are the proper length. You’ll need to take the liner out of the boot to check the length. The liner can be removed by unbuckling all the straps on the boot so it fully opens. The liner should come right once the straps are open. Put your foot into the boot and push your toes to the front so they touch the inside tip of the boot. You’ll only want a little wiggle room near the heel – about a half inch or less. If your feet are different sizes (60% of people have different sized feet), you should check to make sure both boots fit properly.

Try on Liner

You’ll be able to tell if the boot is wide enough by putting on the liner before you stick it back into the boot. Slip your foot into the liner and press your toes against the inside front tip of the liner. If your foot causes any bulging in the liner, the boot will be too narrow to comfortably use. However, if there aren’t any parts where the liner bulges out, you can comfortably use this boot. Remember, you should check both liners since your feet may not be the same size and shape as the other.

Try on Boot w/Liner

You will want to do a final check to see how snugly your feet fit into the boots once you have put the liners back into the boot. Stick your foot into the boot (the boot will be tight, so you may have to push down hard on your heel so it slides down into the boot) and buckle it up so everything is nice and snug. Place your feet flatly on the ground, get into a squatting position, and bend forward so the front of your lower leg bends down towards the boot. If your heels don’t lift up inside the boots, then they are properly snug.

Once you have made sure the length, width, and snugness of the boots are right for both of your feet, you are ready to go out on the slopes to learn how to ski.