How To Plan A Great Summer Family Reunion At The Lake

Are you in charge of planning your family’s lake reunion for summer of 2016? Even though you might have Thanksgiving and Christmas on your mind right now, planning your reunion now makes a lot of sense. You will probably be connecting with many of the people who will be at your reunion, so the holidays will be a good time to get ideas and to give information. Here are some ideas that might help you to plan a memorable and wonderful adventure for all who attend. From securing accommodations to renting floating docks, doing it ahead will give you the peace-of-mind that you are well on your way to a great reunion.

Accommodations – Does your family already own a lake house? If so, consider yourselves lucky! However, even if you do have your own home, you’ll want to get it to be ready for everybody’s arrival. To simplify things, it might be a good idea for everybody to bring their own bed linens and towels, including beach towels. Think of how easy it will be at the end of your holiday when everybody takes linens to wash at home. If you don’t have a home, now is the time to reserve rental property, whether it’s a house, cabins or nearby hotels, as those accommodations might fill up fast. If any of your family members have special needs or if anybody will be bringing a pet, make sure that the accommodations will be suitable for them.

Besides all of the food that will be consumed, you’ll have hours to fill with fun times. Think of dividing your activities into those that will be held indoors and those that will be held outside.

Indoor Activities – Think of asking somebody to be in charge of crafts that can be worked on during quiet times. Another idea is to ask each family to bring one or two of their favorite board games and movies. Something really sweet for you to do would be to give everybody an attractive spiral notebook upon arrival at the reunion. Those will be great for keeping a journal of each day’s activities and for writing down recipes, addresses and other information that might be shared. Is your family religious? If so, it would be very special to end each day with a devotional in which different family members get to take part.

Outdoor Activities – For most of the family members who attend the reunion, the focus will be on water sports. If you don’t already have access to a dock, consider renting a floating dock that will be home base for all the water activities. Renting a floating dock is very affordable and, because it will be a safe zone, the money that your family spends on this item will be worth every penny. While you’re renting the floating dock, consider renting life preservers, excellent water fins, water games and other items that will make your water activities really fun. The company that rents the floating dock to you will deliver it nice and clean and, at the end of your stay, they will pick it up and have it ready for the next renters.

Consider having a special event on the last night of your reunion. This would be a great time for story telling, having a talent show, exchanging simple gifts and even making plans for the next family reunion.