Selecting Comfortable Golf Apparel

If you had just taken up the hobby of golf, you are most likely enjoying the exercise you obtain while observing the beauty of the great outdoors. The clothes one wears when golfing can have an impact on the comfort-level they have. Here are some tips to use when purchasing your golfing outfit so you look and feel your best on the course.

Consider The Temperature

The clothing you select to wear golfing should always be conducive to the type of weather present outdoors. Since golf is played in a wide open area where shade is not abundant, you will spend much of your time in direct sunlight. Many golf apparel clothing stores offer clothing with mesh inlays in their shirts. This mesh portion allows your skin to get much-needed air rather than covering it with a cloth that makes you sweat because you feel too warm. Another fabric to help keep you cool is antimicrobial cotton. This along with fabrics like polyester, linen, nylon and spandex offer full protection from ultraviolet rays. In cooler weather, layering the clothing works best as you may find yourself getting warm as you exert energy.

Opt For Non-Restrictive Pieces

When golfing, it is very important to be able to move the body without restriction. Swinging your club at a ball during tee-off requires that you extend your arms to the fullest of their range of motion. For this reason, tight-sleeved shirts or pants can hold you back in the distance your ball will go if you are unable to hit it without resistance. Wearing clothes with ample room will allow you to walk, swing, and hit without feeling trapped by material. Instead of wearing a jacket in cooler weather, wear a comfortable-fitting long-sleeved shirt with a vest over it. This will allow your arms to move without excess material in the way. It is a good idea to pretend to swing a club when trying on new clothing to see if they meet the non-restricting criteria needed on the course.

Avoid Distracting Items

It is a good idea to give a call to your favorite golf courses to find out their dress code before heading out to play there on a warm day. Some golf courses require long pants at all times, minimizing your bottom half clothing choices. Instead of wearing bright colors which may make other players upset as they can draw their eyes away from their ball, wear subdued shades. Some people enjoy wearing patterned pants on the course. Stick with patterns with only a few colors so they are not too overwhelming on the eyes. Try to keep a business-casual look on the course while wearing conservative, neutral colors for the best golf apparel.