A Few Care Tips For Caring For Your Gun Belt

Your shooting belt can be essential for allowing you to comfortably carry your gun and a limited amount of ammunition. Not surprisingly, leather is a common material for these belts due to comfort and aesthetics. Unfortunately, there are many gun enthusiasts who may not fully appreciate the type of care that these belts will require. You may be able to better care for this accessory after you consider the following few tips.

Keep The Leather Conditioned

Over the course of time, the natural oils in your leather gun belt will likely start to dry out. This can cause the leather to become excessively dry, which can lead to cracks forming. It can also make the belt less comfortable by taking the belt stiff and rigid. To help to minimize this risk, you should apply leather conditioner to the belt once every few months. However, if you spend a lot of time outside, it may be necessary for you to apply this condition more frequently as the sun can accelerate the drying out of these oils.

Monitor The Humidity When Storing The Gun Belt

When you are not using your leather gun belt, it is important for you to make sure that you are storing in an area with stable humidity. If the humidity drops too low, it can cause the leather to rapidly dry out and crack. When the humidity is allowed to set too high, it can cause condensation to form on the exterior of the leather, which can lead to discolorations and rot. Fortunately, this is a fairly simple issue to control because it is possible for you to use two-way humidity control packets. These packets will absorb moisture when it gets too high, and it can release moisture when the humidity drops too low. By placing one of the packets in the immediate vicinity of your gun belt, you can help ensure that it avoid this common type of damage.

Prevent Dust From Gathering On The Gun Belt

Dust can be another source of damage to your stored gun belt. In addition to being able to absorb the oils from the belt, the dust can also impart a foul odor to the belt, and it can make the belt appear dirty. To avoid this problem, you should always keep the belt covered when it is being stored. However, you should never use plastic for this task as it can allow condensation to get trapped. Rather, a simple piece of cloth can prevent dust from gathering without trapping moisture.

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