All about Professional Dodge Ball

If you were like me and you were a little chubby during junior high and high school, you may not have enjoyed dodge ball as much as the rest of the kids. Unfortunately, this might have kept you from getting to know one of the greatest playground games of all time. Dodge ball is basically a game where players from two teams gather on two sides of an enclosed room, such as a gym. Each team has their own set of rubber balls, and they throw them at the other team, trying to hit as many of their players as possible. If you are hit, you have to sit in place or freeze, and if you are successful at freezing the entire other team, you win.

The great news about dodge ball is that it isn’t just for kids anymore. There are professional teams that allow you to hone your skills as an adult. Here are some details about professional dodge ball.

National Teams

Looking to get seriously competitive with dodge ball? Fortunately, there are professional teams that work all across the country. These teams consist of two conferences, each containing teams from their section of the nation. Here is a breakdown of the national dodge ball conferences and their teams.

American Conference

• Austin Matadors
• Georgia Scorchers
• Boston Undertakers
• Memphis Men in Black
• Chicago Vendetta
• New York Guardians
• Pittsburg Punishers
• Texas Shade
• Missouri Explosion
• New York Epic
• Philadelphia Justice
• Virginia Rampage

National Conference

• Los Angeles Chaos
• Seattle Blue Dogs
• Washington Buzzsaw
• Minnesota Blur
• Las Vegas Vipers
• Houston Bounty Hunters
• Arizona Resistance
• Oregon Avalanche
• San Diego Crossfire
• Toronto Gryphons
• Portland Minotaurs
• Dallas Doberman

If you are interested in joining a professional team, check out the National Professional Dodge ball webpage at

Dodge ball Rules

In contrast to the laid back rules that your high school gym coach enforced, professional ball has some serious rules. There are different categories for play, including no-sting, big ball, and sting divisions. In the no-sting variety, foam balls are used in place of the traditional rubber versions. Teams are composed of six players each, and sometimes time limits are in place in order to dictate when the game ends. In professional dodge ball, there are no team time outs, and you can be penalized for delaying the game.