Good Reasons To Choose A Center Console Boat For Deep Sea Fishing

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Being out on the open sea can be an exhilarating experience, especially when you are reeling in big fish. If you are thinking about buying your own deep sea fishing boat, you may wonder what would be the best type of boat for it. Check out the reasons a center console boat would be the boat you can get the most out of on your deep sea fishing trips. Plenty Of Room For Reeling The In The Big Ones The helm in a center console boat is placed right in the middle of the deck, giving you plenty of room around it for fishing. Center console boats are available in sizes from 15 feet to 40 feet, each one tailored for fishing. The boat size you choose depends on your needs. For example, if you plan to go deep fishing with a group of co-workers or close friends, you might think about one that is closer to 40 feet. If you plan to only take your spouse and kids out for deep sea fishing, a smaller center console boat would be perfect. When considering the boat size for you, think about how much room each person on board will need for casting and reeling in their catch. Center Console Amenities Are Great Out On The Deep Sea When you and a group of people are out in the middle of the ocean, it is always beneficial to have a toilet, usually referred to as a “head” in boat terminology. Most center console boat designs include room for a head, many of them also including a bunker for sleeping. When it comes to taking your kids along for a deep sea fishing adventure, knowing they will have the head and bunker for break times is a good feeling. Some center console boats also have air conditioning in the bunker, a great benefit for kids that are fussy because of the heat on deck. Most center console boat manufacturers design them for being in rough offshore waters, a huge benefit for the comfort of your crew during long fishing trips. Getting Down To Fishing Benefits If you have fished for a long while, you may know how inconvenient it can be to use a cooler for keeping your catch fresh. With a center console boat, you can enjoy keeping your catch fresh in a fish locker under the deck, a convenient way to to also keep them out of your way while reeling in more. The boat size you choose determines the size of the under-deck storage locker. Many center console models include rod holders for trolling, and the placement of the helm makes it easier to spot schools of fish. Because of the helm’s center placement, you have fewer places for casting lines to get snagged on as well. Center Console Boats Are Designed For Easy Cleaning After a long day of deep sea fishing, the last thing you want to deal with is a dirty boat. However, making sure you clean your boat makes it a lot easier to pack and go out the next time around. Center console boats are designed for easy cleanup. Hosing off the deck is easier because of the helm being slightly above it. You never have to worry about water seeping into the...

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Tips For Priming Your New Outboard Motor’s Fuel Pump

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If you’ve just bought your first boat with an outboard motor, it’s important to understand the basics of the fuel pump operation. Most outboard motors are outfitted with a pump that only operates when the motor itself is running. For that to work properly, the fuel system has to be primed all the time, otherwise you won’t be able to get fuel through the pump to the motor. If you experience an interruption in your fuel supply, it could be because the system lost the prime. Here’s a look at what you need to know to restore it. What Tools Should You Keep On Hand? Keep a small tool kit accessible just in case your fuel system loses its prime. That way, you can access it quickly and get things running as fast as possible. You’ll want to have some new fuel line. Invest in some of the clear plastic line so you can see the fuel as it flows through. You’ll also need a set of box-end wrenches and fresh fuel. How Do You Prime The Pump? Start by removing the cap from the fuel tank. This ensures that the tank vents well. Check the vents built into the tank to be sure that they aren’t plugged, because that can create a vacuum when the system starts drawing fuel. This prevents air from flowing back into the tank, which keeps fuel from flowing through the system. Keep the cap off the tank until you get the system flowing. Push the primer bulb located on the fuel pump or the carburetor. You’ll need to push it several times, until the bulb becomes firm when you push on it. You should visibly see fuel in the carburetor or fuel pump line. If not, look at the length of the line that connects the tank to the pump. Loosen the clamp on the line where it connects to the pump using your wrench. Remove the line from the pump. Attach the new line to the nipple on the pump and secure the clamp. Then, place the other end of that new line onto the fuel tank connection the same way. Push the priming bulb several times again, watching for fuel to move through the line. If you can’t see any fuel in the line, that’s an indication that the problem is beyond a lost prime. You’ll need an outboard motor technician to evaluate that. If the problem is solely the lost prime in the system, this will restore the fuel flow and get your motor running properly again. Contact a business, such as All Seasons Honda & Peninsula Ski-Doo, for more...

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Vinyl Vs. Fiberglass Vs. Concrete: Choosing The Right One For Your Swimming Pool

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Thinking about having a swimming pool installed in your backyard? There are a lot of things that you have to think about, including the type of material that you want your inground pool to be made out of. The three main types include vinyl, fiberglass and concrete. Each has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. Vinyl Swimming Pools Vinyl swimming pools are primarily rectangle, although freeform and L-shaped liners can be found. They come in a variety of colors and patterns to satisfy just about any landscape design and performance preference. These types of pools are made from a flexible liner that has been pre-formed to fit into a hole. The liner is then attached to a wall frame, which is typically made from aluminum, steel or polymer. According to, vinyl swimming pools can take between two and five weeks to be installed. The problem with vinyl swimming pools is that the vinyl is prone to puncture from sharp objects, pets and pool toys. These liners can be repaired, but it is a good idea to spend the money on getting a thicker liner if you opt for a vinyl pool. Plus, you need to consider the fact that vinyl liners typically need to be replaced every 10 years. Fiberglass Pools Due to the fact that they are factory-molded into a large piece and then set into a pre-excavated hole by a large piece of equipment (usually a crane), fiberglass pools can be installed faster than any other type of pool. Fiberglass pools take two weeks or less so long as the circumstances (such as the weather) allow. Once set, there is a finish that is placed on the fiberglass that is stain resistant and durable. Since fiberglass swimming pools are nonporous, you won’t need to use as many chemicals as you would in a concrete pool. However, since these pools are pre-fabricated in a factory, the shapes and sizes are limited. Concrete Swimming Pools Concrete pools are considered to be the most durable of the three types of pools mentioned here. These pools are custom-built, which means that just about any shape or size can be built. Some people are thrown off by the thought of concrete because they don’t like the dull, gray color of concrete. However, when you have a concrete pool, you have many design options, including adding a beautiful color. The final surface can be tiled, plastered with a tint or finished with a textured surface. concrete pools tend to take somewhere between four and six weeks. However, the extended time frame is well worth the wait for the durability that this type of pool...

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Selecting Comfortable Golf Apparel

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If you had just taken up the hobby of golf, you are most likely enjoying the exercise you obtain while observing the beauty of the great outdoors. The clothes one wears when golfing can have an impact on the comfort-level they have. Here are some tips to use when purchasing your golfing outfit so you look and feel your best on the course. Consider The Temperature The clothing you select to wear golfing should always be conducive to the type of weather present outdoors. Since golf is played in a wide open area where shade is not abundant, you will spend much of your time in direct sunlight. Many golf apparel clothing stores offer clothing with mesh inlays in their shirts. This mesh portion allows your skin to get much-needed air rather than covering it with a cloth that makes you sweat because you feel too warm. Another fabric to help keep you cool is antimicrobial cotton. This along with fabrics like polyester, linen, nylon and spandex offer full protection from ultraviolet rays. In cooler weather, layering the clothing works best as you may find yourself getting warm as you exert energy. Opt For Non-Restrictive Pieces When golfing, it is very important to be able to move the body without restriction. Swinging your club at a ball during tee-off requires that you extend your arms to the fullest of their range of motion. For this reason, tight-sleeved shirts or pants can hold you back in the distance your ball will go if you are unable to hit it without resistance. Wearing clothes with ample room will allow you to walk, swing, and hit without feeling trapped by material. Instead of wearing a jacket in cooler weather, wear a comfortable-fitting long-sleeved shirt with a vest over it. This will allow your arms to move without excess material in the way. It is a good idea to pretend to swing a club when trying on new clothing to see if they meet the non-restricting criteria needed on the course. Avoid Distracting Items It is a good idea to give a call to your favorite golf courses to find out their dress code before heading out to play there on a warm day. Some golf courses require long pants at all times, minimizing your bottom half clothing choices. Instead of wearing bright colors which may make other players upset as they can draw their eyes away from their ball, wear subdued shades. Some people enjoy wearing patterned pants on the course. Stick with patterns with only a few colors so they are not too overwhelming on the eyes. Try to keep a business-casual look on the course while wearing conservative, neutral colors for the best golf...

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How To Plan A Great Summer Family Reunion At The Lake

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Are you in charge of planning your family’s lake reunion for summer of 2016? Even though you might have Thanksgiving and Christmas on your mind right now, planning your reunion now makes a lot of sense. You will probably be connecting with many of the people who will be at your reunion, so the holidays will be a good time to get ideas and to give information. Here are some ideas that might help you to plan a memorable and wonderful adventure for all who attend. From securing accommodations to renting floating docks, doing it ahead will give you the peace-of-mind that you are well on your way to a great reunion. Accommodations – Does your family already own a lake house? If so, consider yourselves lucky! However, even if you do have your own home, you’ll want to get it to be ready for everybody’s arrival. To simplify things, it might be a good idea for everybody to bring their own bed linens and towels, including beach towels. Think of how easy it will be at the end of your holiday when everybody takes linens to wash at home. If you don’t have a home, now is the time to reserve rental property, whether it’s a house, cabins or nearby hotels, as those accommodations might fill up fast. If any of your family members have special needs or if anybody will be bringing a pet, make sure that the accommodations will be suitable for them. Besides all of the food that will be consumed, you’ll have hours to fill with fun times. Think of dividing your activities into those that will be held indoors and those that will be held outside. Indoor Activities – Think of asking somebody to be in charge of crafts that can be worked on during quiet times. Another idea is to ask each family to bring one or two of their favorite board games and movies. Something really sweet for you to do would be to give everybody an attractive spiral notebook upon arrival at the reunion. Those will be great for keeping a journal of each day’s activities and for writing down recipes, addresses and other information that might be shared. Is your family religious? If so, it would be very special to end each day with a devotional in which different family members get to take part. Outdoor Activities – For most of the family members who attend the reunion, the focus will be on water sports. If you don’t already have access to a dock, consider renting a floating dock that will be home base for all the water activities. Renting a floating dock is very affordable and, because it will be a safe zone, the money that your family spends on this item will be worth every penny. While you’re renting the floating dock, consider renting life preservers, excellent water fins, water games and other items that will make your water activities really fun. The company that rents the floating dock to you will deliver it nice and clean and, at the end of your stay, they will pick it up and have it ready for the next renters. Consider having a special event on the last night of your reunion. This would be a great time for story telling, having a...

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3 Green Boating Tips For Eco-Friendly Boaters

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If you love being out on the water, your boating hobby may be a powerful motivation for you to find ways to help preserve natural resources like the waters that you spend your free days on. As a boating enthusiast, there are many things that you can do while you’re out on the water that can help keep the water clean and beautiful. Take a look at some green boating tips that will help ensure that you leave the water more or less as you found it after a day of enjoying it. Prevent Oil Spills Of all the things that could happen on a boat, an oil spill is probably the most environmentally damaging. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your boat is too small to do any damage. Even a small oil spill can spread a long way and affect many marine plants and animals. You should be storing a supply of oil-absorbent rags on your boat at all times. Make sure that you dispose of used oil and oil filters properly – never pour used oil down drains, on the ground, or into water, and don’t mix it with any other type of waste. Used oil and oil filters should be brought to a recycling facility in your area. Keep Your Boat Waxed Oil isn’t the only water contaminant that you need to worry about. The detergents that you use to wash your boat can cause harm to the water and marine life as well. You can reduce your dependence on detergents by keeping the fiberglass hull of your boat waxed. Waxing your boat will prevent dirt from becoming ingrained in the hull. You’ll be able to remove salt, spores, dust, and pollen with plain water. When you do need a cleanser for tough dirt or stains, try a natural cleanser like vinegar and water for plastic surfaces and decks, or a paste of baking soda and water for fiberglass. Lessen Your Impact on Plant and Sea Life Make it a point to ensure that your boat doesn’t interfere with marine life any more than necessary. Avoid chopping vegetation with your outboard motor propellers. If you run into a grass bed, stop. Tilt your engines, then use a pole to gently walk out of the area. You can avoid grass beds by looking for dark areas under the water. Obey posted signs warning about sea life. Keep fishing line, hooks, and other solid waste in a secure place on the boat so that you can dispose of them safely on land. It may help to carry trash bags on board so that you don’t have to worry about things blowing overboard in a strong wind. Even if you’re always a responsible boater, others may not be. If you come across an oil spill or hazardous waste left by another boater, don’t just avoid it – report it to the Coast Guard so that it can be safely contained and cleaned up. It’s these efforts from environmentally-minded boaters like yourself that help keep your favorite waters, like those used for Key West boats clean and...

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3 Things to Ask When Planning Your Chartered Fishing Trip

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Taking a charter boat to go on a fishing trip can be a great way to enjoy fishing and the ocean without having to rent or operate a boat. To make the most out of your trip, however, it is important to plan it properly. Part of doing this is talking to someone from the chartered boating company to find out what you can expect. These are some of the things that you should ask to ensure that you plan your trip as well as possible. 1. Do I Need a Fishing License? First of all, you should inquire as to whether or not you need a fishing license in order to fish off of the chartered boat. It can take several weeks for you to apply for and receive your fishing license, so it’s something that you should plan for well in advance. If necessary, someone from the chartered boat company should be able to give you the information for applying for your license, such as how much it costs and who you should contact for an application 2. Can I Bring a Cooler? Many people like to bring along a cooler that is filled with drinks and snacks. However, you should consult with the chartered boat company to find out if this is allowed. Some companies require that you purchase your drinks and snacks on the boat. Others have space restrictions. If coolers are allowed, there might be rules about the size that is allowed and the things that you can bring in it. For example, you might be required to bring canned beverages rather than those that are in glass bottles. 3. What’s Included in My Trip? Make sure that you take advantage of everything that is included in the price of your trip. You might find that things like bait and fishing tackle are included, for example. This can save you money and make preparing for your trip a whole lot easier, so it’s best to take advantage of these perks if possible. Plus, inquiring about what is included in your trip beforehand will help ensure that you bring along any extras that you need. A chartered fishing trip is a great way to have a good time, whether you are a beginner, an expert, or something in between. If you ask these three questions when you are booking your trip, you can help ensure that things go as well as possible when it’s time to hit the water. Get in touch with company like Oregon Inlet Fishing Center Inc for any concerns you might...

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How New Skiers Should Choose The Right Boots To Rent

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Skiing can be fun provided you are wearing the right gear for the slopes. Having boots that are too large or too small can make it difficult to ski – which can already be hard enough if you’re going out skiing for the first time – so you want to make sure your boots fit properly. Here is how you can test your boots to make sure they are the right size before you rent them. Try on Boot Shell You will want to make sure the boots are the proper length. You’ll need to take the liner out of the boot to check the length. The liner can be removed by unbuckling all the straps on the boot so it fully opens. The liner should come right once the straps are open. Put your foot into the boot and push your toes to the front so they touch the inside tip of the boot. You’ll only want a little wiggle room near the heel – about a half inch or less. If your feet are different sizes (60% of people have different sized feet), you should check to make sure both boots fit properly. Try on Liner You’ll be able to tell if the boot is wide enough by putting on the liner before you stick it back into the boot. Slip your foot into the liner and press your toes against the inside front tip of the liner. If your foot causes any bulging in the liner, the boot will be too narrow to comfortably use. However, if there aren’t any parts where the liner bulges out, you can comfortably use this boot. Remember, you should check both liners since your feet may not be the same size and shape as the other. Try on Boot w/Liner You will want to do a final check to see how snugly your feet fit into the boots once you have put the liners back into the boot. Stick your foot into the boot (the boot will be tight, so you may have to push down hard on your heel so it slides down into the boot) and buckle it up so everything is nice and snug. Place your feet flatly on the ground, get into a squatting position, and bend forward so the front of your lower leg bends down towards the boot. If your heels don’t lift up inside the boots, then they are properly snug. Once you have made sure the length, width, and snugness of the boots are right for both of your feet, you are ready to go out on the slopes to learn how to...

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Do You Suffer With Heel Pain? Buy Athletic Tape And Stop It

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If you suffer with heel pain first thing in the morning, or after standing or sitting for a while, you could have a condition called plantar fasciitis. The planta fascia is a band of connective tissue running across the bottom of your foot to connect your heels to your toes. Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of this tissue. It is most common in runners, dancers, people who are overweight, or people who go barefoot or wear shoes with little support. One way to stop the pain is to buy athletic tape and put it on your feet. A properly wrapped foot will alleviate your problem in a couple of different ways. Added Support The plantar fascia absorbs some of the shock to your feet when walking running or dancing. When you repeatedly put stress or weight on your feet, small tears will form in the tissue. To compensate for the tears, your body sends fluid to the area to absorb the shock. This causes inflammation of the area. Wrapping the heel and foot with tape adds support to the area. It also holds your foot in place, keeping the fascia from stretching and tearing under the pressure. Increased Flow of Blood and Lymph When tissue in your body has been injured, increasing the flow of blood to it increases the amount of oxygen it can use to repair itself. It will also provide more support to the tissue. Athletic tape, when properly applied, lifts your skin slightly. This allows for more blood flow to the area. In addition, the lifting of the skin allows for better lymph flow. The lymphatic system works to remove the excess interstitial fluid that is causing the inflammation. Proper Wrapping To properly wrap your foot to alleviate the symptoms of plantar fasciitis, wrap the tape around your foot just under your toes. Then, starting at your big toe, wrap down and around the heel, pulling the tape taut and connecting it to the same place on the big toe. Now, wrap around the heel again, but this time starting and ending at your small toe. Repeat both heel wraps a few times, creating an “X” across the bottom of your foot due to the swapping directions. Finally, wrap around the middle of your foot where the “X” is, covering it completely. Athletic tape is not meant to be left on all day. Wrap your foot before exercising and then take it off for a while. If you will be stationary, sitting or standing for an extended time, wrap your foot again. If you suffer from pain in the morning, wrap your foot upon waking. Your skin does need to breathe though, so take off the tape when it is not necessary. You will notice a reduction in pain with your first...

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A Perks Of A Bike Tour

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Biking can be a great way to get out and take in some scenery and experience new places. Biking the local roads and trails around your town can be dangerous and can get old. As roads get more and more crowded, going out for a ride can put you at the risk of a run-in with an inattentive driver. Moreover, riding the same roads and trails everyday can get boring. If you want to add some excitement to your riding, you should consider going on a biking tour.  Reason 1: Tour Guides You can load your bike up on your car and head to a beautiful biking destination, but when you do that you either have to do a lot of research on your own  to find inns, restaurants, grocery stores, scenic destinations, etc., or you can try to figure things out as you go. Option number one creates a lot of hassle, and option number two leaves plenty of room for error. When you take a bike tour, someone else does all the work for you.  Reason 2: Beautiful Destinations There are a lot of great biking destinations out there. It’s one thing to be faithful to your local community, but just because you have some favorite rides and some good friends down at the local bike club does not mean that you can’t get out and enjoy other locales. Bike tours give you an easy way to enjoy all the best of a location.  Reason 3: Recharge Your Batteries Biking can be a great way to let off some steam, but sometimes a one-hour ride around your town just does not give you enough time to get the rest you need. A biking tour will give you a few days or more to get the deep rest that you need to face the daily grind with a brave face.  If you have a passion for biking, you might dream about going to all of the great biking destinations out there. You don’t have to move all over the place just to have a chance to go to all of the great biking destinations. Let someone else go through all of the work for you to put together a great ride. Don’t uproot your family just to indulge your biking passion. Get all the biking you need to recharge your batteries. Schedule a bike tour for yourself and get your biking fix in...

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