Professional Kickball

If you love baseball but don’t have the fine-tuned hand-eye coordination to play the game, you should consider trying out kickball. In kickball, the rules are essentially the same as baseball, but players kick around a ball instead of dealing with throwing hard baseballs and struggling with bats. The game is usually played on a softball or baseball diamond, and nine people compose each team. Here is some information about playing professional kickball.

Signing Up for a Team

Looking to play kickball on a professional team? Just sign up! Big League Kickball is a national organization that creates teams, and provides a schedule for them to play against each other. Over 3,000 people participate worldwide, consisting of over 100 teams. If you are interested in playing, you can sign up all by yourself, or make a team with your friends.


In order to provide a safe, fun environment that everyone can enjoy, there are several rules that garner the sport of professional kickball. First of all, most professional teams do not allow players to engage in the game if they are drunk. This keeps emotions from running too high and fields from becoming sloppy party zones. Some professional kickball leagues regulate games for eight weeks of the year, with playoffs lasting one or two weeks. There are specific rules regarding the dictates of the field, including the length of the pitching plate from home base, and how far apart the bases need to be from each other.

Benefits Of Kickball

Kickball isn’t just fun; it is also really good for you. When you play kickball, you will be running around the field a lot, which can provide you with an excellent opportunity to work on your cardio. People that get serious about kickball also focus on improving their kicking and running skills. Although you can get a great workout while you play, kickball is also a great way to hone your social skills. Players usually get to know each other really well, and friendships flourish on the kickball field.